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Re: Neck frequency

Originally Posted by Bob Herald View Post
Hey guys, I have been training my neck for a few months now. It started during GSLP and I did neck harness ( 4 sets of 25) every workout. Now I'm on 531, and I still keep up with it. I've gained an inch on my neck and my traps and shoulders are noticeably bigger. I also do neck bridges whenever I can throughout the week and throw in db shrugs one day a week . I usually so something for the neck every workout. My question is, what is ideal for neck training. To hit it hard one or two days a week or more frequency and lower volume?

In case anyone's wondering about the reason, I do muay Thai and jiujitsu. Strong neck = less KO's
My first question would be what your goals are for neck. It sounds like you are training it for martial arts. Any wrestler will tell you that neck bridges are an integral part of building the neck up. Those can be done pretty much every day.
Dedicated neck training you can probably continue with the higher frequency, lower volume if that is not effecting your recovery time. There are lots of great videos of wrestling bridges and some pretty phenomenal no hands bridges. wfs This is a cheap to make neck harness.
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