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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

[QUOTE=Brandon Oto;451718]An important point on the purpose of scientific scrutiny on CrossFit:

Strictly speaking, the evidence available in the community, even ignoring issues like control, supports adaptation in certain areas, most of all in improving WoD results. (This is the main data mine available.) On a much smaller basis is available numbers like bodyfat and blood markers. What is largely NOT available is data on the CROSS-APPLICABILITY of the CrossFit adaptation -- that is, "how much it makes you better at other stuff," from football to shoveling gravel. The thing is that this is a critical area to look at, because the claim is that the program makes you better at everything, particularly things we don't even do -- whereas improving WoDs is only evidence that you got better at WoDs and the movements therein. It's possible that you improved at absolutely nothing else. Is it likely? No. How much did you improve at other stuff? Some of us know personally, but there's no data mine for this, and THIS is the core piece of feedback for a GPP system.


Andy Stumpf (sp?) stated on CF radio, that he collected data at the Naval Special Warfare School on students in BUDS. He compared obstacle course (O-course) times of students before and after the implementation of CF based physical training. The groups were of different classes, not the same subjects. The O-course was a unique variable because it had phsyical skills not done outside of the O-course. He stated when comparing the O-course times of the 2 groups, CF times were higher.

This is based on what was said on CrossFit Radio, 16 Nov 08. Again, a META-ANALYSIS can be done to statistically show this.

I will give you that Andy Stumpf (sp?) is not an un-biased observer of the CF method. I will also state that I have not seen the studies first hand, but I will take the word of a commissioned Naval Special Warfare officer.

If you want the study, Brandon, ask him for it. Do a META-ANALYSIS on it and let us know if the difference was or was not statistically significant.