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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Just one month over 50!

I don't do the Main Page WOD but I look at it and read the comments most days (can learn a lot). Instead I do programming designed by my trainer.

Tuesday, 11/18

run 1/2 mile to gym

5 rounds:
12 x 65# squat clean and press
10 x 24" box jump
20 burpees

various ab work

run 1/2 mile to work

Wednesday - rest


run 1/2 mile to gym

4 rounds:
12 x 55# thrusters
12 split bench jumps
10 lunge jumps - each leg

4 rounds:
10 x 85# back squat
10 assisted pullups

20 minutes of boxing

run 1/2 mile to work
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