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Re: CrossFit and martial arts together

I am in the same boat bud. I am looking into putting a box into a existing Squash/Training Facility. Looking at renting and renoing the room I want it in. The new owner is a nice guy and really needs a way to bring in new clients. He has a massive amount of competition in the area. Cool thing is none of the competition offers anything close to Cross Fit.

I know part of my bigger dream is to create a Cross Fit / MMA / Martial Arts facility. Thats about 5 years down the line mind you.

When I first started scouting out possible locations I looked into teaming up with a Martial Arts School. To be honest most weren't that interested or didn't have the space I was looking for. Like with most you need to develop a relationship.

Part of my plan is to train with a school while I run my Box and develop a relationship with the owners and talk about future plans into opening a combined facility.

Hope this helps a little bro.
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