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ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair

First time posting here and decided to create a thread to track my progress throughout my ACL rehabilitation period. I'm officially 3 weeks post-op, ACL reconstruction autograph patella tendon, lateral meniscus repair. I started physical therapy a week and a half ago.

I am currently at 123 degrees flexion and have full knee extension. I am still on crutches and waiting to hear from my OS next week (1 month post-op visit) and my PT when I can begin to walk with one crutch.

I'm a young guy, played sports in HS and college and am hoping I recovery quickly so I can return to playing the sports that I love - basketball and boxing. I'm also interested in training in Muay Thai once I am confident in my knee again. My primary goal, however, is to have my knee back at 100% or close to it so that I am fit to successfully complete any physical fitness test that involves running.

For those that have had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair, how long did it take for you guys to jog, run, sprint, jump, and squat?

Hopefully, I can learn as much as I can from everyone's experiences on here and share my experiences on the road to recovery with others, too.

Thank you.

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