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Re: 12 weeks of hard training got me here

Originally Posted by Brian D Williams View Post
Nice work - I looked at the before pic and it was taken April 11th. Obv doesn't mean anything, but these results would be a lot more understandable with 6 months (especially since you were already eating a good diet before you started.) Either way, great work - keep it up!

(and lol @Steve's post.)
Thanks Brian, I didn't take a before pic right before starting because I didn't think I'd end up in such good shape and from the start said I wasn't going to get after photos taken as I thought it was a bit posy! I wish I had but I was exactly the same as the pic when I started training. That pic was from my holiday in April in Lanzarote - it's the only recent one I had with my shirt off. In cold and rainy Ireland we don't get many opportunities to get the shirts off unlike you lucky guys! It was 100% 12 weeks of training - see here the 12 week physique prog that I did for similar results which might make it a bit more believable!
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