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my one year journey...

Just wanted to help throw out some motivation to all my fellow Crossfit compatriots working hard to make a change in their lives. When I started, I could barely do 5 push-ups on my knees and could do zero pull ups. I never let myself get down, I scaled my progress, I pushed it and came to class 6 days a week...and now a year year later, I warm up with 50 push ups and 30 pullups! I mixed in a blend of Crossfit and running and it has been a life changer.

The best thing to come out of it was how proud it made my wife feel that her husband was working hard and getting healthy for our family. I wanted to do something nice for my wife because of all the support she gave me. Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of us. If you like them, please support us and "LIKE" them on Facebook. wife is way to hot for me, but at least I'm somewhat catching up now, haha! All thanks to Crossfit!

Here's my BLOG with some other ridiculous before and after pics.

Good luck to everyone and keep up the good work!
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