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Re: Dynamic Effort without accommodating resistance

Originally Posted by Drew Cloutier View Post
I depends which school of thought you are from, but I also don't think Louie said anything about having to fail, he just said go up to your max of THAT DAY, from what i've read that involves the lifter gauging how the lift went, and feeling it out. One of Brandon Lilly's commandments is to NOT MISS LIFTS in training.
Not to get off topic, but probably in the early days of Westside guys were going crazy every week trying to set records and beat each other. Dave Tate has talked about this.

But as Westside has evolved, listening to Louie, Dave Hoff and Brandon Lily, they have taken more of the approach of hit your record for the day. If you are feeling great that should be a PR, if you are feeling OK maybe some heavy work close to your PR and if you are feeling like dirt turn it into a Rep Effort Day. Dave Hoff has talked about saving your big PR's for the meet and even leaving some on the platform for the next cycle. And even on a day when you set a PR, Louie has said your done move on and let your body build for the next PR, don't push it beyond. He doesn't want you to train to fail.

But, this isn't permission to take it easy. You need to be grinding hard and heavy for you.
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