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Re: Looking for some advice: Pure willpower at this point??

Originally Posted by Renee Lee View Post
you're not trying hard enough. add bacon, avocado and EVOO
Originally Posted by Tamara Cohen View Post
Yeah, what Renee said.

The steak in the pic was 12.5 oz, and the brussels sprouts were cooked with 4 strips of bacon. Try harder, haha.
Ha! I know - I really need to step up my game with the bacon and calories in general. I am 6' 3" 225 and programmed my calories in fitday yesterday and with grilled chicken, ribeye steaks, bacon and veggies my caloric intake still came out to under 2000 calories! I don't think this under 80 grams of carbs I have been trying to do is going to work for me - it seems like 100g - 125g of carbs is my sweet spot.
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