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Artificial sweeteners are bad for the human system. Period. Believe the FDA (they've got quite a great track record, don't they) or the people who have actually experienced the side effects. I personally used to get brief migraine-like headaches from aspartame. I used to think it was one particular brand of supplements until I started noticing it more often--this was as a 16-year-old.

Charlie, I have an accusation (in step with yours) about people who *do* use artificial sweeteners--they tend to be people who want something for nothing. Artificial sweeteners, lowfat diet, and the elliptical trainer. Recipe for failure AND poor health.

I also notice that they are more likely than not overweight and (assuming that artificial sweeteners actually "work" like they're supposed to) heading in the wrong direction bodyfat-wise. Judging by results, artificial sweeteners DON'T WORK.

People will go to any means to justify satisfying their sweet tooth.
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