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look to physical therapy before you let somebody butcher your arm. I had a partial slap tear in January of 2005. The doc I went to was great (most are quick to pump you full of drugs and put you under the knife) but this guy really walked me through my options and pressed upon me the rest and recuperation. It took a long time, it was about 5 months before I had physically recovered enough to start doing moderate/light heavy lifting and probably another 5 to 6 months before I got over the psychological barriers. But keep in mind that surgery will take you out of training for at about 4 months anyway. In the end I was able to bounce back from the injury without having to resort to surgery. I do have some minor stability problems but I think most of that is in my head rather than my shoulder. and on the plus side my shoulders are a lot stronger than they were before because of all the increased attention i've put into properly training and resting them since the injury
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