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I'm 12 weeks postop from a complete meniscus tear that was repaired.
I would do CF upper trunk (check out CFJ May) until you know whats going on from an MRI. If you have a small tear, most likely the docs will trim it and you will be back in 3-4 weeks. If it's a large tear they will try to suture it back together (3-5months recovery). But if the menisci's edges are grinded to **** and unsalvagable from shearing it doing heavy squats and oly lifts, you're going to get a menisectomy (removal) You will be a candidate for a meniscus transplant (expensive and 30-40% success rate these days) or work w/o it (many folks do) and be at a high risk for arthritis down the road. The tear could be on the inner part of the meniscus that has no nerve endings. You won't feel it. That piece flapping is what's chocking your knee. That piece could get caught and rip thru the rest of your meniscus. That is what happened to me.

My advice: Lay off of it until you know something (MRI). Because you are not feeling any pain doesn not mean you are not doing damage.
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