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Re: log(10)=1

I warmed up and stretched with a few of my players this afternoon during training. I also did some light ball work and finished with their cool down and stretching. I am trying to improve my flexibility as I have neglected it lately. I am seeing significant improvement over the past 2 weeks.

After a thorough warm up, which included some parallette work before I left the house, I did the WOD:

4-400m sprints with 2 minute rest between


This distance is probably one of my strongest, I think I should have done better.

After 5 minutes of stretching and self-massage I decided to do a Michael. Sorta.

3 Rounds for time:
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back extensions
100 Steps walking lunge

1) I didn't end up keeping time
2) I was gassed so I stopped after 2 rounds + 25 back extensions.

I ended with lots more stretching.
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