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Re: One month in, but only one pound?

Originally Posted by Scott Moore View Post
A trainer who used to work with my Mother told me that you shouldn't get too caught up in weight. As you said, you've been seeing the improvements and that you've been toning up. If you're looking better, feeling better, doing better then you must be better.

Sure you may lose the competition as far as pounds are concerned...but wait and see if anyone gains that weight back. Anyone can diet hardcore for a short period of time drop a ton of weight. But the question is, can they make the change to their lifestyle so they don't gain that weight back? Most can't...

As John Park said, "there's no bragging rights with becoming skinny and weak"

That is one thing that I have to constantly keep in mind.. not to get too caught up with weight.
Before Crossfit, I would get so caught up in "how much weight I'm losing" and all that stuff.. but now I don't.. and I have much better results.

My friends always talk about how they weigh this or that.. I can honestly say that right now I have no idea how much I weigh.. (I probably should check eventually lol)
I started CrossFit at 125, and have been dieting for awhile.. but as far as weight goes, I haven't been keeping up with it.
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