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Ross Hunt
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I have three questions about the squat snatch:

I understand from two of Dan John's posts (links below) that you should stay on the heels until the second pull is, practically speaking, over. That is, one should focus on staying on the heels until you're done extending the hips and start pulling yourself under the bar. Is this correct?

2) Assuming that I should stay on my heels during the second pull, should I make a point of staying on my heels during snatch pulls and high pulls? By 'snatch pull' I mean the pull where the elbows stay more or less unbent and the bar stay pretty low, whereas by 'high pull' I mean the pull where the elbows are bent and the bar is allowed to rise to nipple or head height.

3) With a view towards staying on the heels, is one of these exercises (snatch pull or high pull) to be preferred over the other?

Thank you very much,

Ross Hunt
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