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Jeff Edmonston
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San Francisco: Another craigslist success.

After six weeks of combing craigslist ads and getting a few "sorry its been sold" messages and a few no replies, I finally pounced on an ad 10 minutes after it was first posted and sealed the deal.

Within the first hour after posting the seller was contacted by 7 other interested parties.

$300 for a model C in very good working order. Some of the carbon steel bolt heads have surface rust, but all the stainless ones are fine and the rollers, chain, and fan all move freely. I've put in 20 minutes on it so far and can't find any flaws. The seat, rails, and grips show very little wear.

But it has a PM1. If you upgraded to a PM3/4 and still have your PM2 for the model C I am interested in it. I can probably cover shipping and a bit more but am looking for a deal, since any significant amount of money just puts me that much closer to buying a new PM3.

I'm in the San Francisco financial district during the day and Walnut Creek area nights and weekends.

Thanks! and good luck to all the other CL scanners, they are out there, may you have the luck to find them first.
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