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Jason: Yes, that’s me. I did not know I was in the Krav archives. Thanks for passing this along to me. I saw an article about a woman that went into debt $5,000 to hire a trainer. If you have the money, that is great, but the article made me so mad I contacted the paper to plug the Crossfit program. I didn’t hear from them for a while. I had to have abdominal surgery and the week after the doctor released me to work out, I did a crazy program that included 300 lunges. The next day the paper called and said they will be there tomorrow to take pictures. That morning I couldn’t even walk right. So I got up and used a foam roller, I hit my Krav class first and then the Crossfit class. That foam roller was a good investment!

Lincoln: So here I am with my little post surgery sized dumb bells, when I could have shown off the great work you did teaching me to Olympic lift. Actually, the whole thing was rather weird with a photographer taking a ton of pictures of everything I did. That smile on my face was just how happy I was to be vertical! BTW, I just love the clean and jerk. I have made a lot of progress. Life is just way fun. I also decided to start working on muscle ups. My husband and I have been going over to the local pool and we do a beginner version on the side of the pool. With a submerged pull up, I can get enough speed to pop up onto the edge of the pool deck. The last time we went we got a whole group of teenagers to join us.

Thanks also for the tips and the kind words. Your friends here in California would love to see you.
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