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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

You know, I was thinking about this some more. As mentioned, I was an NSCA-CPT. I read a textbook, and bought a video on what they felt were proper mechanics on a number of movements, many of them on machines.

Looking at their site, I see that what I had to buy in the past is now available on line (w/fs):

Who do you think created the pressure on them to create these videos?

For reference sake, compare their site, with the CrossFit's videos here:

Compare their overall site, here (w/fs): to that of CrossFit. Here you can upload videos for coaching. Here you can ask questions, and get decent answers. And it's all free.

I got the NSCA Journal periodically. Here are few examples of the content:

"The NFL Combine: Does it predict Performance in the National Football League?"

Eight weeks of Ballistic Exercise Improves Power independently of Changes in Strength and Muscle Type fiber expression."

Relationship between Muscle Power Output using the Strength-Shortening Cycle and Eccentric Maximum Strength".

It's a rare Journal when I read one article. Frankly, I get a LOT more useful information from the CrossFit Journal.

Where the rubber meets the road is the ability to increase people's health and work capacity systematically, and predictably. This involves trying things with trainees, and observing what works. CrossFit works.

For the sake of reference, here is the ACSM website (w/fs):

Earning an ACSM certification is much harder than NSCA. Typically it requires a degree in Exercise Science, or something like it. That's presumably why the members I've met had large egoes and found strutting easier than walking.

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, CrossFit was not created by Exercise Scientists. They never would have invented it, because it is too far outside the paradigms which consider strength and cardio to be two different things, and experimentation something done only in labs, being much too exalted for the undegreed rank and file.

To be sure, Circuit training has been around a long time, but it has never to my knowledge been done in our particular way, defined in its objectives to our degree of precision, and certainly never sparked a community or resource like this one here.

There is quite literally nothing like on the internet or anywhere else in the public sphere. Nothing.