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Re: Bloody Nose Bleed

Update: Went to Doc, He indicated that this is probably hereditary. Yep, Dad has had nose bleeds since I can remember. Doc too, said to tilt forward, not backward. To keep the blood out of the stomach. They recommended vasoline in the nose, but I like the oil/vit E idea better. Turns out, you can't do Vit K without perscription. Wasn't real thrilled about "another pill to take" anyway. He said that if the bleeding doesn't stop after 1- 1 1/2 hrs. to got to the ER and get a plug or they might Carterize it. They took some blood work to see about my platelete count and any possible problems there. They did say to stop exercise for 2 days for sure, indicated some docs say 5 days. This was bad news. It's been since Wednesday for my last Workout and now will be Sunday, maybe Monday before I can "get back to life". Thought I'd share to possibly help others.
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