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Re: Sand Bags

James, from a training standpoint, you're better off with something like a parachute bag. MUST ENSURE YOU ANNOTATE ALL LINKS WHETHER WORK AND FAMILY SAFE.

It's side loaded, which is ideal for sandbag work. We put 200 pounds in ours last night, and I had a dude ripping it off the floor for sets of 5. I have an A bag also. If you're just wanting to drag the thing like the dummy in the test, use it, but you'll need to stuff it with a quilt or towels, as 150# of sand, (pea gravel is a much better option), will not take up that much room. Those bags are huge! If you want something more versatile, go with the parachute bag.

Another option is drag a tire loaded with 100# (pea gravel ducked taped up). Use a shorter rope so that you mimic the posture you'll need in dragging the dummy. Or use backward heavy farmers carries while dragging a tire tied around your waist. (I've had 3 guys come in with the highest scores on the recruit fire fitness test here).

Just my thoughts.

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