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Kelly Moore's "New lease on life" log

It's been quite a long time since I've posted anything on my old training log - my new job, Mom's blindness issues, and the kayak, artwork the cats have changed my life 180 degrees. I no longer work for the PD except on a very limited part basis so I now have the flexibility to do things for Mom and myself that were impossible 1 1/2 months ago.

I just returned from a wonderful vacation in the San Juan island area of Canada. Mom had chartered a yacht and invited myself, my brother and his wife and several of her friends. (She is planning to do more traveling while she still has some eyesight - a trip back to Hawaii is next on the list). All bodyweight type workouts for me using LifelineUSA's Jungle Gym and plenty of running. Doing workouts on a moving yacht is a challenge!

Arrived home around midnight on the 11th and decided at the last minute to compete in a Tactical Strength Competition that was held at CrossFit Lake Country on the 13th. Travis was a wonderful host letting me drop in at the last minute - thank you Travis!

I was a bit disappointed with my results - 315# raw deadlift, 31 deadhang, no kip throat touching bar pullups and 109 kb snatches in 5 minutes. My forearms and hands were fried from the active sailing I did the final day of the vacation (I LOVE sailboating - you need to be strong, active, agile and smart to handle all the rigging, booms and sails), so I really shouldn't be unhappy with my results. I had trouble carrying the suitcases through the airport much less lifting weights! It just proves CrossFit does work - provides plenty of carryover strength and endurance along with mental toughness.

Finished out Saturday night with "The Chief" WOD as I could not sleep. Used 105# for the power cleans; I didn't watch the video and didn't know the women were using 85#. I decided on 105 because I knew it was close to my upper limit for as many rounds as I had anticipated that I could do, and I was right on the money with 4 rounds + 3 PC virtually every round. I was drenched in sweat and absolutely beat at the end of the fifth round. I do not have a good grasp on the O-lifts....


Sunday I was trap and glute sore from Saturday's deadlifts and PCs. Just rowed 1000 meters in 4:16 and took a long walk to move around. At least my rowing is getting a little better as I realize I need to use my legs!


I skipped Fran today as my left shoulder is still on the mend. I pushed the 20k kb jerks hard while preparing for the World KB competition that was supposed to happen this weekend. The meet was cancelled until an unknown later date which is fortunate as I would have continued jerking and snatching injured and probably would have really fudged up my shoulder. So when the meet was cancelled I stopped kb training. I still have pain doing any kinds of jerks or any upward overhead ballastic movements, so I'll probably cut them out of my training for a while.

So - no Fran for me today. I broke up Fran and slowed things down, turning it into a strength workout rather than a metcon:

3 rounds for time:

5 full ROM HSPUS (hands on 12" high stools, head touching floor each rep)
10 strict deadhang, no kip, throat touching bar pullups
15 115# (bodyweight) below parallel front squats

Time: 13:05

The full ROM HSPUs had to be broken rounds 2 and 3 - no surprise there. Those are hard and when you gas out, you really are done.

Pullups were too easy. I should have done more or added weight.

Front squats with my bodyweight surprised me. My legs, while sore from the power cleans, were ready for a lot more, but my core was the weak link. When I felt myself pitching forward I racked the weight before continuing. Way too many breaks to make me happy - I have some work to do!

Finished the day with 4 x 400m Pose runs. Set the tempo trainer at 60 and maintained the pace. 1:32, 1:28, 1:32, 1:28. Longer rounds were the slight uphill, shorter the downhill. Very consistent, pace felt amazingly slow despite my high level of glute and ham soreness. I wasn't out of breath or severely taxed....I will try doing 800m at this pace to see if I'm strong enough yet to hold on. That six minute mile isn't too far off.

There is a 5k race being held in Fort Atkinson this Saturday. I think I'll enter for the experience. I'm not fast by any means, but I think it would be fun to try.
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