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I've been doing CF for about 3 months now.....I feel great but I went a month or so without paying attention to my weight. I dropped from about 200 pds. (12% bf) to 173 pds (8% bf) I've gotten my nutrition back on track to keep from losing so much of my muscle mass. I've also lost alot of strength in the past few months. I've also had alot of problems with getting sick and being over worked....I only did the 2 day on and 1 day off schedule but this type of exercis (CF) really was tough. I didn't think it would be since I'm 24, run a sub 20 min. 5k. Please give me your opinion on my new workout schedule and let me know what you think....

Monday - Upper Body (Bench, Bicep Curls, Shoulder Press, & Tricep Kickbacks)
Tuesday - Lower Body (Squats, Hams, Calves, & ABS)
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Crossfit day (my choice on exercise selection)
Friday - C2 Rower (my choice on routine)
Sunday - REST

All of your opinions are welcome. I'd like to put a little mass back on my body because I look really small....6'2" (173 pds). I want to increase my strength a little and maintain my conditioning.
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