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Re: Crossfit is the best program for Bodybuilding

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Cut/bulk is definitely MUCH quicker *the lower BF you are* as opposed to someone who is like 30+% BF where muscle will come on very easily as they lose fat. If someone did says SS and gained 40-50 lbs of lean mass and then cut off like 20 lbs of body fat they would be ripped.. and it probably would be much faster than gaining like 30 lbs on CF, heh. Now, there ARE excellent results on Zone, but it would be interesting to see if someone Zone bulks and cuts and see what the effect is (not that anyone is probably gonna try that). Again, it all really depends on input.

CF is better than most but not ALL I would say. That's why I wanted to ammend the FAQ. Most = not everyone.

Women have blunted endocrine responses all over regardless which is why weight training is generally slower progress.... it's not like one method has then respond differently than men do. There may be slight variations but everything that works for men works for women because we have pretty much 99+% of our genes in common (obviously).....
I'm going to start trying to clean bulk on the Zone diet.
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