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Re: log(10)=1

Originally Posted by Grant Scalf View Post
I am tired of writing all this stuff down in a comp book when I can have it here to view electronically and share with fellow CFers.

I guess I would say my goals are to improve my CF numbers while training for whatever is coming up next in life. I have been CFing since 6/07. I play a lot of soccer, boulder, and mountaineer when the time is right. I am a 21 Zoner trying to eat as paleolithic as the budget allows. I attend the University of Tennessee where I am studying Exercise Science. I personally train soccer players and officiate soccer games to help pay for my CF addiction.

Upcoming Events:
2/23/08: Alumni Soccer Game at my old high school (I need to shame the high schoolers with my superior fitness)
3/30/08: Knoxville Marathon - only doing the half
8/08: Mt. Whitney, Shasta, and Mt. Ranier
12/08: Aconcagua, Argentina
It occurred to me I never gave any stats:


Squat - 235
Deadlift - 265
Press - 140
Bench - 210
PU kipping - 38
Weighted CU - 110

Before CF I was like a lot of guys and worked just my bench. Now I see these numbers and laugh at myself. I look forward to improvement in all these areas and more. I just wish I could update my original post to add new PRs and benchmark times and weights when they come...
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