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Re: Crossfit and Triathlons

There is a little more detail as to my season up in my first post, but the short is that I just started training last november, and the reading all happened while i was training. i figured if i was going to train i might as well do it right. and considering that i would be doing it for months and months, it was not that hard to get some reading in to get the right training in. and please, i have to stop myself everytime i post to this thread because i just get going and type so much. and your ideas are def appreciated, so keep it comin. dont hold back.

i have definitely done some bricks. i read in some of your other threads to try and do a mile run after basically every bike. i do not run after every bike session, but after reading your threads i definitely plan on it in the future. i have done a bunch of bricks during the course of my season last year, and to be totally honest, the guy that i was training with was warning me about how horrible the run was going to be after biking. then we did a brick for the first time. he hated it and felt very awkward. and not that i felt awesome, but i have run half mile repeats after cleans and thrusters. my legs were kind of ready for it from crossfit, which was really cool.

as far as what i have done for races. i finished 2 sprint distance and an olympic this year. and like i said, the reading was more while i was training and racing, rather than only a prep. i spent a lot of time training last year (not as much as I am going to have to for an ironman), but a lot nonetheless. i am still in a master's swim program 3 times/week right now, as well as some crossfit and a bit of running/riding the bike for this winter maintenance period.

i do have a bike, but not a tri bike yet. last january, before i knew if i really wanted to go crazy and spend so much money on a sport specific bike like that, i just got a regular road bike, a Specialized Allez Elite. It has certainly served me well. After my first sprint, i went out and got some clip on aerobars, which have also come in very handy. we have a good bike shop about 5 miles away from me, which is nice. so i was able to be fit properly and bring it in there if i ever feel like something is off or have any problems. i am sure they all hide when i walk in the door. but as far as tri bikes go, i am thinking that my next bike, which i will hopefully get this spring, will be a QR Seduza. i already talked to the bike shop and they will def be able to fit me for it once i get it. I can get a sweet deal through work (the government) so that is most likely what I am going to do. Then of course all the gadgets/upgrades to go along with it, wheels, tires, drink systems... But like I said, my bike now has gotten me a long way. It got me through my 303 mile, 4 day ride this summer, which was quite the experience. Went from the northern point of NJ to the southern most point of NJ, then took the ferry across to delaware for another 50 miles into maryland. And that was just to get down to the beach to go on vacation for 2 weeks with the family.

well now i was running off at the fingers. hopefully that gives you even more insight into not just the research, but the training and races that I have put in as well. you can also look back at my first post, which has even more details about that.
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