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Re: Crossfit and Triathlons

Jared you are really on it. I am completely understanding of your want/need to do a full Ironman and to thus BE an Ironman. It is truly a magnificent accomplishment that is yours forever. I did the Vineman in Santa Rosa, California twice and I was in my 40's when I did them. Late bloomer. You are wise to do it while you are young. You need to spend a year or two with this quest and work your way though the shorter races, do a couple half Iron races, experiece Wildflower, do Alcatraz and perhaps Pacific Crest or some other long course races in your area and then throw down for the ultra at a course of your choosing. It is tough commitment of time, money and energy but is something you will treasure forever.

You have clearly prepared yourself well, are reading the right things and are aware of what this endeavor will take. Joe Friel's book is great and you will also be interested in books by Phil Maffetone, Rick Niles and the running coach Jack Daniels.

How much CF you should be doing is dependent upon what kind of endurance base you have and what experience you have in triathlon. What race distances have you done? I see that you have done a lot of reading on the topic, have you hammered a hard brick? Go out and do a 10 mile time trial on your bike, ride that 10 miles as fast as you can. Then hop off your bike and run a mile as fast as you can. The bike/run brick is one of the signature workouts you need to master as a triathlete. My first advice is that you stop reading, and go out and swim/bike/run in order to put what you've learned into some sort of experiential context. Maybe even find a late season race or get involved in cyclocross.

Got a bike? We can have long and detailed discussions on pedal systems, bike materials, components, aero bars, drink systems, helmets, clincher vs tubular tires, crank arm lengths, shoes, 650 vs 700c, bar ends vs STI...the list goes on. I have a Kestrel KM40, a Softride Rocket TT and a Litespeed Vortex. I like bikes. Get a good ride, you must not skimp here. Fit is everything.

I'm running off at the fingers here.

Go do a brick and get back to me.

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