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Re: Crossfit and Triathlons

The ironman was more for the the accomplishment to be honest, but I just didn't want to give up crossfit to do it. I am only 24 and have been able to make some time already over the past year for like 6-8 hours per week. I unfortunately do understand the implications of training for an ironman, and to accomplish that, I am thinking about making that sacrifice. I know it would be more training than I have done over the past year, but again, a sacrifice I think I would be willing to make for the accomplishment. I do think that sprint and olympic are what I would like to pursue in the longterm, but want to try the ironman while I have the time and don't have the family or any other more important obligations.

Yeah, I have done a lot of research on the topics. I was just trying to put crossfit in, and figure out if it were possible. I already belong to slowtwitch. I have Joe Friel's Triathlon Training Bible (although a bunch of it is over my head). I have a Cyclops Fluid2 trainer. I hate do treadmills, but I ran straight through the winter last year, rain snow or shine. I like it way better. And I invested in a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my HR monitor. I also have done quite a bit of reading on heart rate, aerobic training. Please, if you have some more info or some more book recommendations for me to read, pass them my way. I am always looking for more stuff, but I have scratched the surface and have a whole bunch of info from my research over the past year. I also just got done with the book "Tri Power" by Paul Frediani and William Smith. They talk about the advantages of strength training for the triathlete. The ideas are simple and the benefits of the dynamic aspects are obvious for a crossfiter to see, which is ultimately where this question stemmed from. I know that some strength training can be helpful for any distance triathlete, but I also understand that when training for an ironman you have to really really put in the LSD to compete, so you don't want strength training to cut into that too much. So where can strength training (crossfit) fit in there? Once a week, twice a week? Never, only do it for sprint or olympic?
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