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Crossfit and Triathlons

Hi all. I am a newcomer to the message boards, but have been an advocate of crossfit for something like 4 years now. Am getting certified in Pittsburgh in 2 weeks. VERY excited!!!

First my question, then some background. It is currently the "off-season" and am getting ready for next year's triathlon season. The goal is to complete a half ironman in '08 and a full ironman in '09. I have not yet used any crossfit with my training, but would REALLY like to. What would be the best structure for this type of training. WODs/week? Swim number of times/distance per week? Bike number of times/distance per week? Run number of times/distance per week?

I would also like to add that I have already read a lot of what Eugene Allen has to say on this subject, but was hoping for some answers to my specific situation.

Now for some, a lot, of background. Almost exactly one year ago, I decided that endurance sports is what I was going to take a shot at. Before that it was Rugby and Soccer, and I was doing crossfit fairly regularly to supplement that. It was obviously working out beautifully. But when I started endurance training, everything I read did not have any real strength training in it, and I ended up stopping crossfit. I love crossfit and squeezed a workout or 2 in every once in a while, but most endurance info I read advised against it. Everything is supposed to just be LSD (long slow distance).
I started last November running 3-5 miles with a long run on the weekends, 4 days/week. And I worked my way up to completing my first marathon in April. I was not exactly breaking any records, but I finished (4:10). In January I had decided I would segway this training into triathlons. So I bought a bike and trainer and was riding once a week just to get on it during those cold months. I also started in a master's swim class, which met 3 times/week at the local YMCA in March. So when I finished the marathon then I started to ramp up the biking. Still without any crossfit. I then completed a spring distance in June and another one in July. Then in August, 2 of my friends and I road the length of NJ over 3 days and on the 4th day, I road down into Maryland, for a 303 mile ride over 4 days. Unfortunately I was the least prepared, but I finished. Then in September I did an Olympic distance tri. And just this past weekend I completed the Marine Corps Marathon (running with family in 4:30).
My swim training has been based on Total Immersion. My bike training is typically done at around 85 rpm, while trying to keep HR in aerobic zone. My run training is all heart rate based in aerobic zone (under 155bpm), and learned from Chi Running (basically the same as Pose). I am an information wh**e. So I like to think that I am taking the correct information from each sport and putting it together properly with an average of 3 times per week of each sport. I am not trying to only do crossfit. I do realize that endurance events require endurance training, which I do not have a problem with and am comfortable doing. But I feel as though strength training (crossfit), has its role with the LSD, which is basically all I have been doing for the past year, but I am just not sure how. My body composition has def changed, and I have lost some functionality because of this. This is where I want crossfit to come in. Again, I am just not sure where where and how crossfit should fit in, or what the proportions should be. How many WODs should I be doing per week? How many LSDs of each sport should I be doing in conjunction with this?

Any insight is much appreciated. Thank you all for your time and consideration.
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