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Hello Anthony. This is basically a follow up to your “Marathon with Minimal Training” post.
I figured that” Community” would be a good place for this posting.
In the March edition (and on the front cover) of the “Men’s Health” Magazine there is a featured article on Jason Statham. He is one of Hollywood’s latest action stars. He stared in "The Transporter" and "The Transporter 2". In his article (pg. 123) Jason talks about his type of training. I do not know if he has ever heard of Cross Fit but his training philosophy mirrors it very closely. He talks about how he uses his body as a weight, and how he applies Plyometrics. He also uses squat thrusts and burpees. I like how he talks about training for practical strength that will help him run, jump, twist and punch. He also feels that machine weights are pointless. Oh, and he is an avid participant in what he calls mixed martial arts which includes grappling and striking. Anyway, I also thought of you because he once ran a marathon. The thing is he ran it on dare with no extra training outside of his own regular training at all and he finished it in 3hrs and 51 minutes. Later he then challenged his friend to do his style of training. His friend in attempting to follow along, spewed. He met Pukie. Overall it is a very good article.

To sum this all up, I guess nothing is impossible. I am still an advocate of getting in some training for a marathon but as always there are exceptions to every rule.

Here’s the link to Men’s Health but unfortunately they do not have the latest March issue on line. You will have to buy it now if you want it or subscribe to it on line. They usually do not put issues on line until a month or so later. That way, they can force you to buy their current magazines the old fashion way. tem=3a7c2ee88bb29010VgnVCM100000cfe793cd____

Good luck with your CCS surgery Anthony.
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