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Eric Cimrhanzel
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Yes, I almost do. Then again, I didn't have anyone show me this stuff before I was able to get it, and had to learn a lot on my own before I could have someone critique my form on a lot of things, so my learning curve was a lot harder to climb than theirs. Regardless, it's all good.


I would if I could, honestly. Eventually, I would like to go out to different firehouses, police academies, and military bases to show them this kind of stuff. Until then, I'd also warn you that there are probably a lot better guys on this board who could do this in place of me. I'm not in the "upper tier" of CrossFitters by any stretch of the imagination on any level of fitness, nor am I certified through any organization to do this.

I'm just a junior in college who reads a lot and works out a little.
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