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Jim Aldridge
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Thanks for the input. I have scheduled both knee surgeries for September 11. The surgeon told me that he will be removing part of my meniscus on my left knee (apparently I am too old at age 37 to have it repaired) and he will be using my patellar tendon to reconstruct the ACL in my right knee. I am still struggling with the whole golfer's elbow thing, but maybe the rest I am getting after the surgery will take care of that, too.

I keep wondering how much of this has to do with my age (the doctor referring to 37 as "too old" for a meniscus repair didn't help) but the way I see it, I can either live an active lifestyle and risk this kind of injury, or I can be a couch potato and die of a heart attack at 40. Think I'll stick with crossfit.
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