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i see everyone is having a lot of problems with their biceps affecting the elbow area. i have looked back through the archives and read everything i could find. however, it all seems to point to the elbow area. my pain is on the inside (medial) area of bicep and deep in that area. it hurts when i do any pulling movements, not a real loss of strength, but nagging none the less.

is this the same problem? mine just seems to be in a dif. area. and if it is the same problem, i figure the same treatment. i have tried the massage and didn't feel the rough bumps like i read about. i'm just at a loss cause my pain seems to be located differently than what i have been reading.

thanks for feedback and sorry to post about similar topic. also, i have been icing and ibuprofen, or however you spell it, and that has been helping. however, on dumbell cleans the other day, i still feel the strain in that medial area deep inside the bicep and it runs down to the inside of my elbow, not outside.
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