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Re: Reducing Member Churn Rates

Do you know why they are trying to leave ? To me, that is your most important question.

Contracts suck, stuff happens, but even month-month people will leave if you are not capturing their hearts. Even content customers will drop you in a heart beat .... you need to get them to the next level - loyal customers. This is where they see value and you are demonstrating it. Simply running classes may not do it.

Perhaps, to try and stem this churn rate, survey all your members about your gym. (do this professionally, so it can be anonymous and the company performing the survey can both guide you and correlate your results).
What do they like/dislike about the coaches, schedule, equipment, cleanliness, bathrooms etc. Have a few questions but also give them a free from box at the end. You may find some really easy actionable items.
- Perhaps it's as simple as changing your schedule to be 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 rather than 5, 6, 7.
- Others may think the floors are always too dirty.
- Maybe there's nothing to use to wipe down the wall balls.
- Perhaps the toilet paper sucks or is never there.
- There may even be a coach or member that is turning people off.
- Perhaps there's something dumb like they thought there'd be events every month ..... and they simply don't read the whiteboard or your 12pm coach never tells anyone about it.
- Maybe they're getting burnt out because it's too many metcons.
- Someone may want more strength
- Someone needs to know what the weekly schedule is so they can plan their triathlon training.
- People may want yoga
- People might be sick of sharing equipment
- Perhaps the classes are run in a micro-managed fashion. (It's adult playtime ... not the military).
- Maybe a class on Sunday would go a long way.
- Maybe the "thursday rest day" people don't enjoy because you're effectively closed.

It can be amazing what you will find out. And if you publicize what you heard from the survey then action it, you'll probably save a few members too. Often if 1 or 2 people want it or are thinking it, there's more that aren't saying anything. (or have, and no one listened).

Some items you won't be able to address, at least immediately, but you can at least recognize their value and see what you can do. Perhaps committing to quarterly spend on equipment might be a way. Or partner with the local yoga studio for a discount.
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