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Re: Recommendations for (premade) sandbag

Originally Posted by Ajay Handa View Post

My wife wants to get me something for my garage gym. I've been wanting a sandbag for some time, and I've decided I don't want a homemade one. I've searched the forums, but I'm still undecided which sandbag to get.

Any recommendations or thoughts on any of the following branded sandbags?


Brute Force


I know I can't go wrong with any of them, but I thought that maybe someone has some strong opinions and experience with some of them.

Thanks, in advance, for your advice.


I cannot speak for the brands mentioned but I've owned my MDUSA brand for two years, and it's been G2G. (WSF)

It's held up really well and I recently upgraded to the XL.

I have no complaints, and they are a fraction of the cost.

Male/48/6'1"/205 lbs
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