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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
Hello all.

First time posting for me. A big renegade diet fan seeking for a bit of guidance. I think I have all the basics covered.

I am currently at around 15-16% BF so I'll cut/loose fat for a week or two and then move to bulking phase.

But I do wonder about the days when all I do is cardio, 30mins of running outside, is that suppose to be a workout day or a rest day? How about hill hiking?

Paulo Santos, your latest document is suppose to be for maintenance calories only, right? (WFS)

Check the document again. I had several people who wanted it more like it is in the book, so I changed it back.

First, I'm not sure you will drop under 15% BF in a week or two. You may have to do it for a few more weeks. So when you are cutting fat, I would treat your cardio day as a rest day. When you start bulking, treat the cardio day as a training day. But play it by feel.
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