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Garrett Smith
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4-day update:

No workout.

Z-Health Neural Warmup Level 2, 2 reps, normal speed
Burgener warmup with PVC and 45# bar

7 sets of:
70kg C&J x 1 rep
1 ring muscle-up (6 times, the final time I did a Skin-the-cat, for 7 rounds total on the rings)

Rubbed the inside of my wrists (especially the R) pretty good with the MUs.

Basic Z-Health moves

Took the CPAT (w/f safe, nformation_and_da/cpat_infor.html), the firefighter's physical test. Finished with 2'21" left over, improved from 1'38" the last time--the best thing was that my finishing HR was only 127!

Modified 1/2 WOD
Z-Health R-Phase, 2 reps, normal speed
PVC Burgener warmup
Warmup: 6 Headstand-to-press, 5 L-pullups, 15 OHS, 6 SLRs, 45" handstand.

3 rounds of--6 ring dips, 6 L-pullups, 15 back extensions, 2' jump rope

Good workout, especially after yesterday's CPAT, and considering I don't want to be wasted for the Tucson group get-together tomorrow!
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