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Garrett Smith
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2.5 mile hilly walk
Z-Health: normal speed, 3 reps, spine & upper extremities
5 pro-to-sup ring pullups, 5 sup-to-pro pullups
5 collapsing pushups, 5 rotating pushups
5 shoulder dislocates
5 reps of 15# CB exercises: swings to head, swings to overhead, armpit cast, drumming, front/back and inside/outside circles, inside/outside pendulums, shield cast, inside/outside parry, mills, swipes

Significantly sore in the feet/legs from the "Messy 25", decided to make today more recovery while still building up to the training loads I wish to be at.

2.5 mile hilly walk

Thursday (4 days from now) is the FF CPAT test, don't want to be too tired! Already passed it in a practice session (with a cold), still want to be ready and injury-free.
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