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Douglas Bell
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Hi All

Well I decided to test myself and see what I was still capable of doing..

So I decided to do the Thursday WOD..

5 x 500m row (Havent got a rower so did 500m run)
5 x 45lbs Thrusters 30 reps
The above took me well 38 minutes shamefully and I hade to take a 10 sec pause after each ten on the last two rounds on the thrusters.. I also found restriction on how far down the squat i could go because of flexibility in my hamstrings..

After that i decided to try, Pushups, Pullups..

Hmmmmm not good results..

20 Knuckle BW Pushups
5 Palms-out BW Pullups
10 Palms-in BW Pullups.

I do have some targets for Christmas though, not sure how feasible they are.. (I have a Grading in December along with the competition)

150 Knuckle Pushups
50 Palm-Out Pullups
10 1 legged squats (Pistols)

Anyway thats my results for the first try ever..


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