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Re: GSP or Kos? UFC 124!

Originally Posted by Danim Suer View Post
Do any of you guys find GSP's fights boring? I know people throw it around a lot, and I don't. He's a great fighter to watch and learn from. His technique is sound. I can see if you just watch MMA to see KOs and subs, watching GSP would suck for you...but I guess we're watching it for different reasons.

Also, Bocek put on a grappling clinic on Hazelett. His pride must have hurt after being taken to school like that.
As a guy who is beyond the WWE fans that were once poised to ruin the whole sport (remember when the refs would stand anyone up after 30 seconds?), and who really appreciates intricate ground work and BJJ and whatnot... I actually have found many of his fights boring. I don't mind a fight going the distance, I don't mind a fight without a lot of "action," but I don't like when a fighter doesn't seem to be trying to finish. Many of my favorite fighters have done this- Anderson is the biggest example.

It seems like some of GSP's fights in the past were content to not risk losing the the point that he'd just take them down, "ground and pound" (barely) in someone's guard, and win on the judge's score card. I thought the same thing about Edgar's win over Penn. Sure, he won, but it wasn't the kind of win that makes for a truly great fighter- he pecked at him for five rounds like a chicken. Again, not that it's not okay to not finish your opponent, but I don't like the apparent strategies of win more points every round.
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