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Re: GSP or Kos? UFC 124!

Originally Posted by Danim Suer View Post
so all the TUF hype up on Kos isn't changing bunch
Yeah, there is a lot of hype coming into this fight, but it's a two way street. GSP is getting a lot of hype about finishing an opponent that can potentially give him problems. People expect GSP to run over Kos, but I don't see it that way. Like him or not (I could care less), Kos is a tough & talented guy that has the skill-mind set to potentially upset Georges. I am not saying that's what's gonna happen, but I think Georges has a much tougher fight ahead than people are giving Kos credit for, perhaps because of their dislike of him and love for GSP.

Truth is, styles makes fights, and Georges, like everyone else, is beatable. I think these guys are gonna cancel each other out all night to a decision, and Georges will keep his belt.

Struve by massacre (beating + submission)
Alves by destruction (2rd TKO)
Jim Miller by decision
Stevenson by decision
Dan Miller

Enjoy the fights!
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