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William Winger
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Morning workout:
Tried to max out snatch, but I skipped my old max to try 155... and didn't get it... three times. I'm a little unhappy at this result.

Snatch 1x3x95
Snatch 1x3x115
Snatch 3x1x135
Snatch 3x1x155 (all failed)

Technically, I turned the first try into a muscle snatch, pressing it with snatch grip after doing in essence a high pull. Still, not happy with that... I was trying to do snatch.

Afternoon workout:
Bench 8x135
Bench 6x185
Bench 2x5x225
Bench 1x6.5x225 (needed a little help on #7)

Squat 8x135
Squat 6x185
Squat 2x7x225
Squat 2x5x275

Trying to move towards higher rep ranges, higher volume too.
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