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Re: stress fracture question

Originally Posted by Brady Osborne View Post
i am pretty sure i have a stress fracture in my right shin... anyone in med school or wants to take a crack at it, what would you recommend for rest and recovery ideas or secrets, ive quit running for awhile but everyonce in awhile i have to run for work. any idea is accepted and appreciated.
Hi Brady:

I had a bad stress fracture in my foot in college. The first thing I'd say is that if you have one, you know it. The pain is very different (or was to me) from shin splints. If you want to get it checked out, I'd schedule a bone scan to figure out what's really wrong. Until then, wear shoes with hard soles (I wore clogs), ice it frequently, and try to stay off it. You can also take herbal supplements like arnica- I took those too. I don't know medically whether it helped or not but it made me feel like I was being proactive.
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