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Re: Programming....

The trainer that writes our programming usually has about three months of material in at least draft format. We post the entire month at the start of each month in a PDF and then the next day's WODs each night on a 5/2 schedule. It's written in meso and macro cycles to accomodate 5/3/1. We just started that and I'm interested to see what kind of results we get.

We use a CFFB/CFSB influenced WOD, plus the 5/3/1 supplemental strength WOD. In light of the baffling fact that not everybody is interested in a 400lb DL, we're going to start writing a CFE style endurance WOD as well in the near future.

We also have a challenge each month that focuses on goats. It's the standard one rep on the first, two on the second...etc thing but for some reason is wildly popular. Right now it's ring pushups in unbroken sets, for example. Deadhang pullups a couple of months ago. Maybe 30/24 box jumps in August. Basically whatever I pull out of thin air on the last day of a month.
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