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Originally Posted by Jacob Cloud View Post
That's kind of a glum outlook, don't you think? It's not really that hard for a natural 190 pound athlete to achieve the "advanced" standards: 387/173/457 (T=1017). Now, the "elite" level is out of reach for most, in this case 504/234/567 (T=1305). I don't think it's really that tough to achieve "advanced" with about 3-4 years of lifting experience - and it certainly doesn't require roids.
I have been lifting as long as I can remember. I am 29 years old now. When I was in my prime around age of 22-23 my CFT would have been approx 920. At that point, yes I was within "spitting distance". I have been in pure maintenance mode for about the last 4 years, since I got married, had kids, and was finishing grad school. I think my CFT is pretty good considering for about 4 years now I generally only workout 2 to 3 days a week.

I would be happy to get to my old PR's with a CFT around 920. Oh, and just a side note, IMO your not going to make those kind of strength gains following a strict CrossFit workout. Cross fit revolves around metabolic conditioning. If you are serious about increasing your CFT you will have to stop crossfit at some point and focus on a serious strength program like Rippatoe recommends in one of his books.
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