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Re: CrossFit Total

Originally Posted by Kirk Bishopp View Post
I had a question about this workout. Are you basically Maxing out 1 rep for each excersize? Any warmup for each one first, or straight to the MAX? If you don't know your MAX, should you just keep adding till failure of one rep?

Also, for the shoulder press, is it alright to use the seated shoulder press rack, or do you have to do this standing?
The CF total is basically a way to see how you rank verse other CF'ers and track your progress. I notice it is included as a WOD once per month. If you go to FAQ's there is a chart so you can see where you rank against a set standard.

For example I weight 190lbs. So this places me at the <198lb category. When I sum my 1rep max for Squat, DL and press I am +760. So that makes me an intermediate crossfitter. And that is where I plan to spend the rest of my life because unless I start cycling steroids I am not going to be able to increase the sum of those three lifts by 300+ lbs to make it to the Advanced category.
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