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Re: 2013 Goals?

I went back to find my reply from the 2012 post and wow is that a smack in the face. I wrote.....

"Short term goals, muscle up and top 100 finish in the Open mid Atlantic....a little lofty. (still no MU, finished 186)

My the end of the year:
Bodyweight bench press (meh don't really care about this, last 1RM was 120)
300 lb deadlift, currently 275 but ugly (hit 290 last week)
Clean n jerk 135, currently 122 (have cleaned 135, jerked 135 but not together....yet)
Snatch 105, currently 90 (still 90ish)
35 unbroken pull ups, 22 I think (haven't tested, pretty sure I could do 30)
225 back squat, currently 195 (STILL 195)

And lastly a sub 4:30 Fran, current 4:54 but that wasn't with butterfly kips which I have down now....would love to go sub 4 but think that will have to wait til '13" (haven't done it)

By the end of 2013 I hope to have:
Ring MU
215 BS
185 FS
300 DL
140-145 clean and jerk
105 snatch
145 OHSQ
Sub 10 Helen
Sub 4:30 Fran
Sub 4:30 Diane
stringing bar MU
left legged pistols
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