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John Donovan
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2013 Goals?

What are your fitness goals for this year?

Here's mine:

Lose 20 more pounds by June 10th
Finish the last 15 pounds by new year's
Double unders
DL 500+
Squat 400+
Clean&jerk 300
Snatch 225
Sub 2 minute 400m
Compete in a Warrior Dash
Rx Fran sub 5 min.

Not a small list by any means but I think totally within the realm of possiblity.
32/5'10"/233. 500m row-1:39/1000m row-3:53/2k row- 8:12/DL-495, FS-325, Back squat- 440, Press-205, Snatch-96kg, C&J-121Kg, 5k run- 27:30
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