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Re: The Outlaw Way


Great post and thanks for your personal experience and insight. I actually read the blog quite regularly and saw you get ripped/called out/etc for no reason. I am not quite sure I understand the attitude of those that follow it. I am all for restraining blatantly dumb and obvious questions, but it seems than anyone who remotely asks for an individual tweak of some sort gets blasted and immediately shunned. I've never seen anything like it in other communities, such as OPT, etc.

Dude I have to say, if you only increased 2.5KG on your back squat in 6 months -- that's pretty ridiculous to me, although I know its a program for competitive CF's, either you have a 500+ squat, or there just isn't enough a) squatting or b) assistance work to help the squat. I'd say the same for the 5KG clean considering all the "barbell gymnastic work" although clearly it depends on your olympic #'s to start with, but still.

So, Jordan, if saying that your strength levels haven't increased too much is an accurate assessment (in 6 months), can you shed light on your improvement in conditioning? Say, baseline workouts before and after? And while we're on that, improvement in skill and skill efficiency (gymnastics)?
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