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Corey Duvall
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Any rib can shift its location and cause pain. It is not a full dislocation, as this would require tearing of the ligaments that hold it in place. Instead it is refered to as a subluxation, it moves slightly out of place, but not enough to do permanent damage. If a subluxation is in the middle and upper ribs will be a sharp pain upon breathing in and the pain may refer around to the front of your chest about the same height. A good chiropractor will be able to tell if it is a rib subluxation or a muscle strain or both. Be sure too find a chiropractor who does not guarantee "100% health" or other outlandish things in their advertising. Find a good, down-to-earth chiropractor who will perform a series of orthopedic tests to determine the cause of your pain. An x-ray for this condition would be only to rule out any fracture, and should probably not be used for any other reason by your chiropractor. Good luck.
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