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Taking Heat For Crossfit

There seems to be a lot of snobbery going around the strength community. Some people bash geared lifters, raw lifters, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders, etc. I never thought I'd be at the receiving end.

Since I started Crossfit, I've taken a lot of jabs via the Q & A, Facebook messages, and email. Today, for example, I used 275 for quick doubles on my squat sets, and I got a couple of messages pointing out that my weight was "pathetic" and asking why I didn't use more.

Has anyone ever run into anything like this? I realize there are ******s everywhere (including some CFers), but man... who the hell cares? I've never enjoyed lifting so much. I realize that's really all that matters, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this.

By the way, I can squat 450-500 with no belt. That wasn't really the point of the WOD. It was to get work done. Not to mention I am 9 days out from a competition, so why would I work up to a near maximum weight?

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